In what could be the love-it or hate-it item of 2012 (we fall into the former category), two-time Cy Young Award-winner Tim Lincecum cut his love locks of hair earlier this month. Jake Gravbrot, a hairstylist in Lincecum's hometown of Seattle tweeted the news way back on December 9.

The images above, via Yahoo Sports, show the World Series champion keeping a low profile with his new do on the left and right, and his hair during the 2012 season.

Sorry, Lincecum purists, but he looks miles above better than he did with long hair. Men look good with shorter hair, period. And we get that, more or less, the shoulder length bob was a trademark. But Tim is all about moving forward, not getting stuck in the past. This is the biggest thing to happen to hair since Linda Evagelista famously -- famously! -- cut her hair in 1988.

And for those of you who believe that Lincecum's powers come from his raven locks of hair, breathe a sigh of relief: Tim has enough time to grow back his hair and thus regenerate his profound pitching powers if needed.

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