SFPD's new favorite thing is touting arrests that didn't require much legwork on their part, apparently. The latest crowdsourced arrest happened earlier this month when 25-year-old suspect Michael Diles was busted for allegedly pepper spraying a hearing-impaired exchange student and attempting to steal his backpack on the 38-Geary back in October.

Diles, a San Francisco resident, was arrested on December 9th during a traffic stop in Berkeley. Community members helped identify him after police put out an APB to their social network (read: local Internet news sites). SFPD says the clear, crisp mugshot came from surveillance footage captured on the bus, but as some SFist commenters pointed out at the time: it was more likely a cellphone photo snapped by a fellow bus rider.

Diles was booked into county jail and charged with attempted robbery and assault with a caustic chemical. Diles' accomplice, you might remember, was busted near the scene of the October incident, but apparently didn't give up his accomplice's name. The two bumbling goons didn't even manage to steal the poor pepper spray victim's backpack.

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