Thank the Lord above that your fragile SFist editor was stuck in OC last week and not here in SF. Why? SantaCon, that's why. Like a holiday-themed Bay to Breakers going from village to village to terror locals, hordes of Santa Clauses invaded bars on Saturday throughout the city to spread cheer, beer-tinged barf, and assault. But was it really bad?

New York City had what appears to have been a righteously shitty SantaCon -- Gothamist published a wonderful antediluvian guide on how to avoid it, while John Del Signore's review of Saturday's Summer's Eve fest, where he was invited to suck someone's "nuts," will give you nightmare for Christmases to come -- but San Francisco's seemed tame (dare we say even fun?) by comparison.

Some folks on Twitter, however, disagree -- especially when the party got tipsier and filtered out to other areas of the city. Out of a slew of anti-Santacon tweets we read, this one stuck out the most:

Until next year, check out these images from Union Square during the Santa blitzkrieg.