'Tis the season for SF's annual convention of drunk Santa imposters and scantily-clad elves. So whether you're suiting up as The Fat Man or simply wishing for a Christmas miracle that keeps intoxicated Santas out of your sight, you'd best be ready for tomorrow's day-long festivities.

SantaCon starts its SF invasion off at noon in Union Square Park, and has semi-official bar crawls for the Castro, Lower Haight, Upper Haight, as well as Polk Street and North Beach/Chinatown routes, which we're just going to go ahead and call "The Red Menace." For those looking for official gathering, or lost/loner Santas looking to find friends, there are multiple meetups, including Washington Square Park and Dolores Park, both at 3:30 p.m. Not to mention the many afterparties for people who've taken restorative afternoon naps, including an official dance-a-thon at Monarch.

Lest we forget that the holiday isn't just about beer consumerism and confusing small children, organizers want Santas to spread good cheer by passing out candy canes, donating warm clothing to the homeless, cleaning up after themselves and generally not being dicks. Singing holiday classics like "Walkin' 'Round in Women's Underwear," "Deck My Balls" and "I'm Dreaming of a White Russian"? Fine. Vomiting in a gutter in front of a tour group? Bad Santa.

And if you're looking for another brand of Christmas cheer or further ways to justify your investment in that Walgreens Santa hat, there's Sunday's Santa Skivvies Run, a fun run to benefit the SF AIDS Foundation. Beginning in the Castro at 1 p.m., expect hard-bodies in red undies making a run for it.

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