As we've discussed before, there is a quiet war happening every day between our very own Muni buses and those corporate shuttles from Facebook, Google, Genentech and the like which enjoy stopping in the same spots. Today, a single S.F. citizen took matters into his own hands and blocked Facebook employees from boarding their bus while he harangued the shuttle's driver for hogging the Muni stop.

By law, those shuttles should be stopping at least 50 feet away from Muni stops, but they aren't actually doing that in many cases, and even when they do, they can cause major havoc on smaller streets that are also clogged with parking, tourist buses, and Muni bus traffic (like Hayes Street near Alamo Square, Castro and 18th, anywhere on Divisadero, etc.)

Today's incident was only documented on Twitter and not on video like this confrontation between a cyclist and a Google shuttle driver last August. But we think it's indicative of the ongoing tensions a lot of people are feeling as these enormous Wi-Fi-enabled buses become an ever more frequent presence in our neighborhoods.

Let's hope Avalos can get some of his new restrictions passed through the Board of Supervisors this term.

[Rotron/Twitter via Muni Diaries]

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