Nathan Burris, 49, was convicted today in a Martinez court in the 2009 shooting deaths of his girlfriend of 13 years, Deborah Ross, 51, and another man, Ersie "Chuckie" Everette, 58. Throughout the trial, as the Chron reports, and even during today's session, Burris had taunted family members of the victims, saying things like "They ain't coming back," and "Your brother's got a bullet in his brain."

This is the same crass dude who last week told jurors they ought to just flip a coin to decide his fate.

Apparently Burris' jealous rage has not subsided, and he remains unrepentant. He shot both people at the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge toll plaza where Ross worked, and where she was apparently having a rendezvous with Everette, after telling Burris that she was breaking up with him. And Burris feels like they deserved his wrath, and called only one witness in his own defense, himself. Thus, the jury handed down a death sentence, which will need to be confirmed by a judge at a December 18 sentencing. The jurors were all vocally disgusted with Burris' behavior, with one saying they thought the death penalty was too good for him.

Burris was also chuckling, apparently, because he thought he wouldn't actually ever be executed, saying aloud that he didn't care because "there is no death penalty." Perhaps he neglected to note the failure of Prop 34, and the very real possibility that executions will resume for Death Row inmates soon.