Here we go, folks. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will vote today on a citywide ban on public nudity, a story that has captured national news media because nudity, public or otherwise, is sexy and funny. And loads of nude activists are expected brave today's chilly weather to protest Supervisor Scott Wiener's proposed legislation that, if passed, would make it illegal for anyone over the age of five to expose their genitals, or perineum on public street, sidewalk, street median, parklet, plaza, or while riding public transit. (Children ages four and under, however, are free to go naked.)

At the start of today's BOS meeting, however, no nude activists have arrived. Not yet, anyway.

The issue of public nudity has been an issue in the city's historically queer Castro District, a neighborhood that has seen its gay presence dwindle while families and tech ilk grow in alarming numbers. And with such change comes understandable ire at having to see well-worn scrotum sacs on a Saturday afternoon, right? Well, according to Supe. Wiener, many (and there are many) of the complaints come from single gay men who have lived in the neighborhood for decades.

The nudists are also in the process of fighting the proposed ban. Last week, San Francisco lawyer Christina DiEdoardo filed suit claiming the ban would "infringe on the nudists' right to free speech."

Here are some pics from today's vote at San Francisco City Hall, which we will continue to update throughout the day.

UPDATE: Nudity ban barely passes. The entire room has gone nuts, so to speak. More later. But this was just the first vote. Another vote is slated for next week.

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