Did you catch that? During Ryan Vogelsong's speech at today's World Series celebration, the right handed pitcher unleashed a cryptic new rally cry. "You guys will have to figure it out for yourselves," Vogelsong explained before exclaiming: "You're going to jail now!" and giving the microphone an uppercut, leaving those of us who don't have access to the Giants' clubhouse kind of speechless. Well, we figured it out, and it involves a very graphic bus fight video from Cleveland.

Earlier this month, a "verbal dispute" broke out on a Cleveland Greater Regional Transit Authority bus between a young female passenger and the bus driver. The passenger allegedly boarded the bus without paying and began cursing at the driver. The spat quickly escalated from an argument to a physical fight when the driver stopped the bus, got up saying, "You're going to jail now!" and then sharply knocked the girl on her back with a uppercut.

As much as we'd hate to ruin today's festive atmosphere, below is video of the incident that was posted on World Star Hip Hop: [Warning: it is graphic.]

As you can hear, one onlooker protests, "That's a fuckin' female!" to which the driver replied, "I don't care! She wanna be a man, I'm gonna treat you like a man."

What's the connection to the Giants? We're struggling with that one ourselves. As Gawker pointed out when the video made the rounds a couple weeks ago, the woman got back up and threatened the driver with his own taunt: "You're going to jail now, bitch!" The video was posted on October 11th, the same day the Giants beat Cincinnati in the NLDS. So, one could maybe (maybe) make the argument that Vogelsong was noting how the team heroically got back on their feet after being down (in Ohio, even) to win the Division series.

Or he could have accidentally been condoning violence against women. Kind of unclear, really, as the video is already fraught with enough issues to make a gender studies major's head spin. Either way, we get the locker room appeal here, but this is probably not something this city needs right now. Especially when the World Series gave us something great to (ahem) rally around. Let's discuss.

Update: Here's the clip of Vogelsong closing out his speech:

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