What with the Giants, suspicious suitcases, Taco Bell "food," and controversial t-shirts, we almost forgot about Halloween! Almost. And with that, here are a few noteworthy Halloween events happening tonight that, if you don't have plans, should be on your radar. (A chance of showers should also be on your radar.)

New HD transfer of Halloween screening at Balboa Theatre: Halloween pulled the gore out of horror movies and still managed to send chills down the spines of theatergoers back in the late '70s. The move, which cause this SFist editor many sleepless nights as a kid, still packs a punch. Check it out in hi-def for extra suspense. (Bonus point for having the theme music in cinema history.)

Halloween at Thee Parkside: Local bands perform as their favorite bands tonight. Lineup includes: Glitter Wizard as the Seeds, Twin Steps and the Cramps, Meat Market as G.G. and the Jabbers, and the Parmesans as the Kinks. DJ Dahmer will man the decks while you freak out over MOM's spook booth, tarot card readings, and silent film projections. [via SFBG]

Element at the Clift Hotel: Looking for something swank in an indoor setting? Well, check out Element at the Clift Hotel's Redwood Room. DJs Miguel Migs and Franky Boissy will spin to the delight of partiers who MUST come in costume. (Seriously, you lunatics who party on Halloween with your rapey band of bros? We're all onto you. Game over. And, no, a bathrobe is not a costume, you icky pervo.)

Just go to a bar and try not to be a dick: This is our plan tonight. We thought it only fair to share.

Take the kids to Noe Valley for trick-or-treating: Strollers in Noe Valley have provided an endless vein of comedy bronze to many trust fund Missionites (who see their future, but can only laugh since they lack fully developed adult emotions with which to cry). But families and their neighborhoods aren't bad at all. So, for those of you with children, head over to Noe Valley on 24th just before nightfall. Stores will be handing out candy to your adorable wee ones.

Halloween Down Under: The rules, as pulled from Mission Mission, "Aussie-rules Berlin-style ping pong will be happening in the back, and a very special real-life Aussie guest bartender will be slinging the drinks she and Nicole Kidman grew up on back home in Queensland. (They’re weird but good.) Drink specials, Aussie bands on the juke box, candy, Aussie snacks, prizes for costumes. Marsupials. Free!" RSVP here.

Halloween in the Castro: Still the best party in San Francisco. What party? We don't know of any party in the Castro. Nothing to see here. Move along.