Joining such neighboring businesses as Happy Donut, McDonald's, Zeke's, and SFist headquarters, exemplary two-star Michelin joint Saison will pack up its belongings in the Mission and move to eastern SOMA by mid-December of this year.

They will move into the newly-facaded California Electric Light Company Building at 178 Townsend (just off Third).

The move from the Mission to SOMA will let executive chef Joshua Skenes' restaurant have an unrestricted floor plan for the 18-seat dining room, which will boast a direct flow with the talent in the kitchen. "I always wanted a place with complete transparency, where there were literally no walls between kitchen and dining room. We’re fortunate enough to work with such beautiful products and materials and I want to be able to share that with our guests," Skenes said in a press release sent out on Monday. "The stove, the refrigeration, the hearth, the bar, everything is completely open throughout the entire space."

The the big wow factor at the new joint -- next to Skenes' acclaimed food, of course -- is a custom Molteni stove from Italy, which will feature a wood-fired Miwe bread-baking deck oven from Germany. "I think the most important thing about our kitchen is that everything we’ve learned so far culminates in this new space,' Skenes says. "We should be no longer bound by physical limitations or workflow issues. Now that we have the equipment and space we need, we are only limited by ourselves."