As you know, Supervisor Scott Wiener is hoping to drum up support from fellow supes and the public at large for a new ordinance that would ban nudity in some shape or form, perhaps just in public plazas, or something. Today the Castro Biscuit posts an editorial that's critical of Wiener's characterization of Jane Warner Plaza (17th and Castro) as being a hub for anywhere from a half dozen to fourteen nude men at any given time on a warm day. While this may be sometimes true, no one has actually been taking averages here, and how many warm days do we have in a year?

Castro Biscuit's take is this:

Though I have only lived in the Castro for two years, I was not aware that nudists had taken over Jane Warner Plaza. I bike by their 10+ times a week and have only seen, on average, 0-3 guys there. I worked with one of our readers to go down there everyday for 10 days at the warmest part of the day and take photos of the Plaza to see how many nudists were down there.

What they find, by shooting photos around noon or one o'clock for ten consecutive warm-ish days, are very few nudists. Of course, we probably need further study here, perhaps a consultant on the job to count peens at various hours of the day and evening. But yes, as we've said, we doubt this will result in an all-out citywide ban on nudity (Wiener's already promised exceptions for Folsom Street Fair and Bay to Breakers), and it may just be his attempt to get on the Daily Show again, given his name and all.

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[Castro Biscuit]