Yes, the Castro may have won in terms of fun-loving, toilet-paper-strewing merriment last night after the Giants' World Series win. But even though nobody lit any bonfires in the neighborhood, there were still some hoodlums up to no good around 4:45 a.m. this morning, long after the bars closed and the streets cleared out, who bashed in the front windows at the GLBT Historical Society's 18th Street museum.

The museum, which opened in 2011, displays parts of the diverse collection of the GLBT Historical Society, including things like costumes and campaign paraphernalia from drag queen-turned-activist Jose Sarria, artifacts of the height of the AIDS epidemic, and naughty limited edition board games from the 70s.

None of the museum's collection was damaged or stolen in last night's incident, and staff and police were able to respond quickly to the scene.

It's unclear why vandals would pick the museum for opportunistic vandalism on a night like last night, but regardless the organization can't really afford the repairs that are now necessary. They plan to reopen tomorrow after a temporary board-up job, but they're seeking donations here to help defray the costs of new glass and installation.