The San Francisco Giants took game four 4-3 to sweep the Detroit Tigers in the World Series Sunday night. What started as a shootout through the middle innings turned into a stalemate by the end of the ninth, before Ryan Theriot scored off a Scutaro drive to center field in the top of the tenth to put the Giants back on top. Sergio Romo closed three outs to win the Giants' second World Championship title in three years.

Reverend Pence started the Giants offense in the second inning, running home from first off of Brandon Belt's triple. The Tigers' offense finally woke up after 20 scoreless innings, when Miguel Cabrera hit a two-run shot over the right field wall at Comerica Park in the third. The next couple innings would be a shootout in Detroit.

With Scutaro on base in the sixth, Posey drove a homer just inside the foul pole in left field to put the Giants back on top. It was Posey's first home run of this postseason:

Delmon Young homered for the Tigers in the bottom of the sixth to make it a 3-3 game. After the Young's long ball, a deep foul ball from Johnny Peralta threatened another run. Another big hit by Peralta looked like it'd get out of the park, but fell short of the wall and right into the warm embrace of Gregor Blanco's glove.

3-3 going into the seventh. Scherzer still at work, but showing some signs of wear. Batting as a DH, Theriot grounds one to shortstop, to put Blanco on second. Theriot's sacrifice would put himself and Scherzer back in their respective dugouts. The Tigers bullpen would keep the score even 3-3 through the stretch.

On his 102nd pitch, Matt Cain struck out Prince Fielder to turn over the side and bring up Marco Scutaro in the eighth. Scutaro walked to first with Sandoval, who only has a single in game four, up to bat. (Fun fact: Scherzer was the first pitcher to strike out Sandoval in this World Series.) Panda clipped a little one right to Prince Fielder at first base and the tigers would back Scutaro into a corner to tag him out between the bases. Two outs, no runners and Buster Posey swung for a disappointing strikeout.

Bottom of the eighth, Jeremy Affeldt's power goatee took the mound. Another fun fact: Affeldt and his wife recently had their third child. After the birth of each of his first two kids, Affeldt's current team won the World Series. So Larisa Affeldt has magical baseball ovaries, basically.

Affeldt walked one to bring up an intimidating Miguel Cabrera with no outs. Larisa's ovaries willing, Affeldt struck out Cabrera, Prince Fielder and Delmon Young to head into the ninth inning.

Tigers closer Phil Coke took over in the top fo the ninth, unleashing like a thousand tweets about "mounds of coke," probably. Hunter Pence, who always looks like he's ready to take off running whether or not he hits the ball, was sent back to the dugout. Coke would catch Brandon Belt and Gregor Blanco swinging to close the top of the ninth in order and bring up a chance for the Tigers to send the series back to San Francisco in game five.

With one out, Jhonny Peralta sent another threatening bomb deep to center. Angel Pagan would get his glove under it to bring up a 3-3 game with one out left before extra innings:

Santiago Casilla took over to try and strike out Omar Infante, but beaned him in the left hand instead. With a runner on first, the Giants would take it to the tenth, throwing out an easy hit to shortstop.

Designated Hitter Ryan Theriot was looking to drive the World Championship trophy home safely when he got to second on Brandon Crawford's sacrifice. Pagan struck out, but Scutaro's single to center gave Theriot plenty of time to crank out run number four and put the Giants on top.

Bottom of the tenth, Sergio Romo heads to the mound to finish the series in Detroit. With his usual bearded aplomb, Sergio Romo catches Miguel Cabrera looking to close out the tenth inning and bringing San Francisco its second World Championship title.

Back home in the streets around AT&T Park, the Mission, the Marina and everywhere in between, the impromptu celebrations are underway. Be prepared for a wonderfully hungover Monday morning and try not to set too much stuff on fire out there...

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