For those of you too skittish to head out to the streets of the Mission or SoMa to celebrate the big Giants win tonight, we've helpfully rounded up some photos of San Franciscans celebrating the city's second World Series title in their own special way.

Two sources tell us they heard the words: "Keep all marked units off Mission. They've taken over," come across the SFPD scanner, which is just a little frightening, although we can't immediately confirm the veracity of that one. Judging by the photos, celebratory demonstrations in the Mission were limited, but amplified by the district's social media presence. A bonfire outside of Beauty Bar at 19th and Mission was instagram'ed an estimated 12 million times.

Two fans were reportedly injured jumping through another Mission bonfire at Valencia and 17th Streets:

On Market Street, celebrating fans flipped a truck on its side near the intersection with Sixth Street. Closer to the Powell Street Cable Car turnaround, fans were spotted surfing on top of Muni buses. ABC7's Lillian Kim, has a video report from the ground:

The Castro, meanwhile, bucked the trend and commemorated the win by tee-peeing the neighborhood's overhead wires. Likewise, the Lower Haight decorated the streets with biodegradable paper products

Local amateur videographer Diane Harrigan shot the celebration footage below, mostly downtown around Market Street. Notable moments: Hacky sack player at 0:10 second mark, dancing homeless person at 0:15 seconds, excessive high-fiving around 0:25, Muni bus roof dancing 0:30, return of crazy homeless dancer at 1:00 mark: