Today in his semi-regular column for the Inside Scoop blog on SFGate, Da Former Mayor Willie Brown explains for us pleebs where the movers and shakers of San Francisco have their big, influential breakfast meetings. Let us start by saying breakfast meetings are the root of all evil.

Brown says that the "power breakfast" is "a growing component to how public policy at least gets considered." He mentions the Warriors Arena as a hypothetical project about which lobbyists, developers, port commissioners, and city department heads might be discussing over scones on any given morning at Americano at the Hotel Vitale, or at the St. Regis.

He then brags that he threw the "ultimate power breakfast" last week at the Fairmont Hotel at which he gathered Democratic Party leaders including Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, and some 900 others at the Fairmont Hotel to discuss the November election. He likes breakfast, you see, because there's "no booze, no black ties and no companions" and thus "the true networking and contacting can take place." Got that? Lesson complete.

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