The police department has been having some pow-wows the last couple of days, discussing what went down during the 2002 and 2010 World Series and figuring out what they can do better this time. First off, the streets are going to be mad packed, energy will be high, and the hoodlums will be out in force in the Mission and elsewhere. The SFPD is kinda praying for more rain to keep things calm.

Monday night's league championship win served as a practice run in terms of crowd control efforts, but the massive downpour that fell just as the game was ending helped to keep things under control.

Police Chief Greg Suhr tells Bay City News that they'll also be beefing up their enforcement against ticket scalpers and sellers of bootleg Giants merchandise. And officers won't be allowed any time off on game days, especially if we get to Game 6 back here in town, at which point the Bay Area will have officially lost its collective mind.