Photographer DavityDave has captures images of his fellow Muni passengers while traversing to and from work. His subjects range from the tired to the tipsy to the bored to the, well, downright gorgeous.

For those of you concerned about images being taken on Muni, let's get a few things out of the way. First, it's legal to take photos on public transportation. Why? Because it's public transportation. Second, if you're worried that someone is taking your photo, don't. It's 2012 and you should already be swimming though life pretending a camera is following you at all times. It's the only way to live.

SFist asked DavityDave to tell us why he's so interested in those of us who ride public transportation. Noting that, among other things, 'it's a moment when someone's unguarded personality appears," he explains: "Public transportation is the great equalizer: Everybody loses some control over their lives while we wait for our ride to get us to where we want and need to be. It's in those moments of waiting when a person tends to fall into a stasis zone, neither here nor there, just waiting, lost in their thoughts. I think it's a moment when someone's unguarded personality appears. They forget they're in public. They become real and unguarded. I try to capture those moments."