A Muni bus, possibly a 38, just collided with an F-Line streetcar at the intersection of Kearny and Market Streets, causing damage to the streetcar and a possible derailment. The driver of the Muni bus failed to stop. It was a hit and run, basically. Muni on Muni. (Maybe Muni-on-Muni hit-runs are permissible?)

A tipster brings the news of the accident exclusively to SFist. The bus allegedly struck the streetcar on the front left side, and it was loud and visible and sent debris flying into the street. But, inexplicably, as if there weren't a hundred witnesses and passengers on both vehicles, the bus just kept going on its route.

The F car now sits stalled on the north side of Market Street, unable to move, and the passengers have been off-boarded. An F-line backup going outbound, obviously, has thus begun.

We'll update you as we learn more, and as we confirm details of this story.

Update: Erin Sherbert at SF Weekly spoke to the MTA and they say yes, it was an accident involving a 71 bus, but it is apparently Muni policy for a bus in that situation to keep moving in order to not hold up traffic.

Our eyewitness, meanwhile, described a fairly significant collision in which streetcar passengers were dramatically jolted, so it seems like a sort of bizarre policy that a bus driver who causes that sort of thing should just drive off? What if there were injuries?