The SFPD has released the names and mugshots of twenty people who they claim are members of the loosely organized Black Bloc anarchist collective. The protesters were arrested Saturday following an "anti-colonialist, anti-capitalist" protest up Market Street from Justin Herman Plaza. The protesters are accused of hurling projectiles at officers as soon as they arrived, hitting one officer in the head, and many were also later found to be carrying weapons, including hammers, an ice pick and illegal fireworks.

The Examiner points out that this group, which the SFPD is characterizing as a violent "criminal street gang" who were also responsible for vandalism in the Mission last month and back in April, are mostly just a bunch of college kids between the ages of 19 and 23 who were also involved with the antics of Occupy Oakland and other cities' Occupy camps. In the case of one, Paul Murufas of Long Beach, he's a blogger who sounds like all his run-ins with law enforcement at Occupy LA made him a believer in the Second Amendment. "Turns out that guns keep you safe,” he writes, “and they are a great investment for any society interested in preventing fascism."

SF Gate and SF Weekly went ahead and posted their mugshots, which we don't agree with, but yes, suffice it to say, they are, as most of us already knew, hip kids with hip haircuts, and some are current students at Berkeley and Santa Cruz. Will any of this deter any future protests? We doubt it. But Mike Aldax at the Ex has tweeted an inquiry to the Black Bloc, hoping for a response.

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