Last night at a campaign event at San Francisco's Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, President Obama was met with a mixed, but ultimately positive reception. After opening act Michael Franti warmed up the crowd with his yoga-friendly reggae, Obama faltered by mentioning he wished the San Francisco 49ers the best of luck — at least until they meet the Chicago Bears' in Week 11. And then he compared Elmo to O.J. Simpson, just for laughs.

Obama drew some boos from the 6,000-person crowd for the Bears comment, but the POTUS bounced back in his usual style, brushing it off with a laugh and urging the crowd to get down to business. Naturally, that business focused on addressing last week's debate where "a guy pretending to be Mitt Romney stood on a stage next to me" and pitched a tax plan that was completely different to the one the Republican spokesmannequin tossed out during GOP primary debates.

"After the debate," Obama told the crowd, "I had a bunch of folks come to me -- 'Don't be so polite, don’t be so nice.' But I want everybody to understand something -- what was being presented wasn't leadership, that's salesmanship."

Wrapping up his routine, the POTUS couldn't help but work in another jab at the death sentence Mitt Romney placed on the Public Broadcasting Service, saying "finally, someone is cracking down on Big Bird." Even Elmo is running scared from the GOP, like O.J. Simpson on the lam:

While we hesitate to correct the most powerful man in the free world, we should probably point out that O.J. was actually driving a white Ford Bronco.

Before his set at the Bill Graham Auditorium, Obama also withdrew another $1 million or so from his California ATM during an intimate, $40,000-a-head dinner for 25 at the InterContinental Hotel.

The President's entire 20-minute speech can be heard in the video below, despite the nauseating shakycam:

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