With the exception of parades and street festivals, San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener wants to change the law to ban public nudity in San Francisco altogether. On Tuesday, he introduced legislation that would make it officially verboten to walk around nude on city streets. Current law allows one to roam in the buff everywhere except in parks, ports, and (thank god) in restaurants.

“This is a measure that for a long time I hoped I wouldn’t have to introduce, but I realize now we’re at a point that it’s necessary," Wiener explained to local media, adding, "There’s been a significant increase in public nudity in the Castro … an ad hoc nudist colony can be found every afternoon at Jane Warner Plaza. I thought the problem would resolve itself over time, but it hasn’t resolved itself and has become more extreme."

More extreme examples have been the men who converge outside the Castro Theatre and cause a scene. Or last year's male-dominated nude-in.

According to the Chronicle, "Under [Wiener's] legislation, a naked person would receive a $100 fine for the first offense and a $200 fine for the second offense in a 12-month period. A third offense could result in either a third infraction ticket with a $500 fine or a misdemeanor."

Of course, Wiener's proposed legislation will be a controversial one, and probably result in an appearance on the Daily Show, especially since it follows his butt legislation, which required exhibitionists to place a protective covering between their asses and public seating areas. It will also prompt some of the most exhausting and unoriginal puns the media can barf up. Brace yourselves, San Francisco.


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