Stuff is crazy up in Vallejo. The somewhat troubled town, known for having quite a lot of prostitutes as well as being one of the first cities in the nation to file for bankruptcy in 2008, is getting even crazier as it seems somebody tried to torch the mayor's office.

It wasn't his City Hall office, you see, but the office of his law practice, and Mayor Osby Davis (himself famous for winning an election by three votes in 2007) says he's very upset, and the FBI is investigating the fire as an act of "domestic terrorism." The fire broke out early Saturday morning, around 1:30 a.m., and reached two alarms before being put out.

Davis also recently had his motorcycle stolen out of the City Hall parking lot, but that may have been an example of Vallejo just being Vallejo.

Davis has been criticized over the years, for one thing, for being homophobic and for being a so-called Dominionist, or a proselytizing Christian bent on political power. He's also come under pressure recently to answer for the city's spate of officer-involved shootings, including one in September in which a 23-year-old man was shot by police after he appeared to be reaching for a gun while getting out of a car outside his home. Cops fired 32 rounds at the vehicle, and the guy was killed.