Former Googler and current Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer had a baby boy over the weekend (a Libra!), making the wee one her and husband Zach Bogue's first child. Though they have yet to reveal the newborn's name—we think Voltron Force is the only suitable name for a boy—we can tell you that he shares a birthday with such luminaries as Julie Andrews, Randy Quaid, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, and Zach Galifianakis.

The 37-year-old CEO plans to take just "a few weeks" off for maternity leave, according to an interview she gave Fortune magazine in July. And, according to Mercury News, "The Yahoo spokesperson who talked to MarketWatch confirmed that Mayer would be 'working remotely and is planning to return to the office as soon as possible, likely in one to two weeks.' "

Below is the full Tweet from Mayer's husband:

Mayer shocked the tech world in July when she announced she was leaving Google, a company she helped build,to head Yahoo. After a slew of questionable leadership choices over the last few years, Mayer, the fifth CEO in less than a year, has been anointed as the struggling tech company's most likely savior. During Mayer's first day at Yahoo, if you recall, employes showered the then-pregnant mom with a company-themed layette.