SFGate's On the Block blog is once again flipping their lids over rising rents around town, and they highlight some of the more egregious examples in what we'd call the rip-off department. Take, for instance, this utterly sterile, completely mediocre two-bedroom flat in the Infinity Tower (OK, it has a nice view) for $6,500. Ugh.

That price actually appears to have come down from $6,800 when the SFGate post first went up this morning, so yeah, it's a steal!

They also cite a $3,100 one-bedroom, in which you might be able to stuff a sad, tiny roommate into one of the windowed walk-in closets, in Lower Pac Heights; and a $3,800 two-bedroom in SoMa in which one of those bedrooms is actually an open loft; and an $11,000 single-family home in Russian Hill which has three bedrooms and a backyard.

Having been out hunting in this real estate market ourselves, we'll say it's nasty out there, with some cut-throat competition from other renters, a lot of smug agents picking and choosing tenants (possibly illegally), and a lot of Google-shuttle talk in the most desirable neighborhoods of the Castro, Dolores Heights, and the Mission. It is 1999 again, but maybe worse, because you won't even find a cheap hole in SoMa ever again.


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