Updates today on the Santa Clara Elementary school principal busted for attempting to sell crystal meth to an undercover officer last Thursday. Montague Elementary school's suspended principal Eric Dean Lewis was charged with five felony drug charges yesterday after a search of his Mission District apartment turned up a minor at-home drug operation including scales and a hidden camera stuffed in a teddy bear.

At Lewis' apartment on 15th Street in the Mission, which has easy freeway access for that commute down to Santa Clara, police found seven ecstasy pills, 4.8 grams of methamphetamine, four vials of GHB, three meth pipes and a drug scale. They also found 10 miniature cameras hidden in his closet. Although it sounds like they weren't set up to record when they were found, the cameras were disguised as coat hangers, a watch, a lighter and one in the nose of a teddy bear.

Authorities seized all of it, as well as Lewis' computers and hard drives. Lewis, who served as Montague's principal for seven years before being suspended this weekend, is currently in the Santa Clara County jail on five felony drug counts: Two for transportation and three for possession of drugs for sale. We guess his tiny drug operation wasn't making nearly enough to cover the $25,000 bail.

If there's any reassurance to be found in a story about a drug-trafficking and possibly paranoid elementary school principal, authorities say there's no evidence he ever brought the drugs onto school grounds. He did, however, set up drug deals via text messages while he was at work. He's scheduled to enter a plea on Friday.

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