Well, this was inevitable. Following on last week's kerfuffle over the possibility that Supervisor Scott Wiener might propose some legislation banning nudity in certain sectors of the city on days that are not Folsom Street Fair or Bay to Breakers, a petition has popped up on Change.org seeking signatures to show support for public nudity, in all its flabby glory.

While we do not take C.W. Nevius's side in this argument (which has always been "Save the children! Stop being gross!"), we would like to point out to the authors of the petition that Wiener specifically mentioned Folsom Street Fair and Bay to Breakers as being exceptions to whatever ordinance he might propose. Also, this all started because some of those dudes insist on wearing cock rings, and some feel this crosses a line.

Also, it's unclear to us that such an ordinance would have majority support of the Board in the first place.

In any event, die-hard nudity supporters — and even those of you who appreciate the quirkiness that such brazen flesh-baring adds to our fair city — should sign the petition. They're looking for 5,000 signatures.

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