Poised to become the first bridge in the U.S. to axe all toll workers, the Golden Gate Bridge revealed plans on its upcoming all-electric toll taking. The electronic system will begin in December with a human available to take your $6 payment. However, come February, according to the Chronicle, "the only options for drivers will be signing up for FasTrak, opening a pay-as-you-go license plate account, or making a one-time payment before the transit district mails a bill."

Does this mean the toll taker will come to an end? Probably.

"We'll be looking with very keen interest at how this goes when implemented on the Golden Gate Bridge," Metropolitan Transportation Commission John Goodwin explained to the Chronicle, adding, "It's real clear that this is the direction the industry is moving in, so we want to see the real-world results."

Expect widespread confusion and hysteria when the all-electric toll-taking system goes into effect.