Maverick first brought you their now famous junk food and wine pairing dinners (which SFist told you about in May). Now they're taking a not so controversial, yet just as sublime, route by paring Mexican food with wine. On Tuesday, September 18th and Wednesday, September 19th at 6pm, Maverick's unique Wine Director Mike Pierce will bring together, in mucho harmony, unusual wines with classic Mexican staples like chili verde, carnitas tacos, churros, and more.

An example of this week's pairing? aged Mosel Spätlese Riesling with carnitas tacos. And, look, we get that many of you prefer your Mexican food with a cheap beer. No one thinks yo're uncool. You're new to the whole Mexican food genre -- or you're just unoriginal and have a dead palate -- so we forgive you. Just this once. So, please, make your reservation today. The dinners start at 6pm. Vegetarian options are available.

$35 per person.

Maverick: 3316 17th Street (at Mission), SF, 415-863-3061