Bisexuals are often shunned (and often altogether disbelieved) by their straight and queer counterparts. Which is why, in part, Berkeley wants to make September 23 the city's official Bisexual Day. The City Council will vote today on the new holiday. It it passes, Berkeley will join other cities, such as Los Angeles and Boston, who also honor their bi brethren on a day separate from Gay Pride (which, in San Francisco, has more or less devolved into a sexless Straight Who Work For Corporations And People Running For Political Office Pride).

City Councilman Kriss Worthington came up with the idea. He explained to the Chronicle, "Bisexuals can experience prejudice from both directions...Increasing bisexual visibility is a way of saying, yes, they do exist, and they deserve our support and acceptance."

We for one are thrilled that Bisexual Day might come to fruition in Berkeley: more parties, more festivities, and more acceptance. Let's just hope that Code Pink, et al., don't ruin the message (and said parties) with useless, self-serving political dreck. The Bay Area does have a habit of letting its messages get lost and diluted in an effort to accommodate everyone's feelings. Anyway, kudos to you, Berkeley.