As an aid to San Francisco's thriving, though sometimes not so well publicized drag scene, we may have to start bringing you weekly highlights of drag queen (and king) events you should check out if you're so inclined. Trannyshack went from underground to being a full-blown, mainstream draw at DNA in recent years with their regular tribute nights (the next one on Sept. 21 is all Kylie Minogue, FYI). But smaller stuff happens all the time, featuring young talent you likely have never heard of because, in some cases, they just started performing last week. First off, we have a marvelous sounding event tomorrow at The Stud, where Some Thing has taken up where Trannyshack left off, but on Fridays.

They're doing One Some Thing Sensation, a tribute to A Chorus Line, in which all (or some) of the queens will be doing numbers from the musical theater classic. Unfortunately, we hear, some of the youngsters aren't so familiar with the show, and therefore will just be doing other bits of musical theater. In any event, there will be at least a handful of Chorus Line numbers, and the roster includes Glamamore, Lil Miss Hot Mess, Martha T. Lipton (the failed actress), Dulce De Leche, Elijah Minnellie, Miss Rahni, and Honey Mahogany. As usual, the fun starts around 10, with the first show sometime around 11 or 11:30, and a second show after a brief interlude. And there will be a craft table involving head shots. It's $8 at the door.

Then on Sunday, September 16, it's the Faux Queen Pageant at DNA. Folks new to the city, and the drag scene, are generally delighted and confused to find out that we have faux queens here, or bio females or drag it up as drag queens. Well, we do. In fact, one of them, Fauxnique, won the Miss Trannyshack Pageant in 2003 and ended up on NPR. The Pageant is looking for the next generation of faux queens, and it's hosted by old pros Bea Dazzler and Holy McGrail. (Read some further, lengthy history here.) Get $12 advance tickets at or they're $15 at the door. It's an 18+ event and doors open at 7 p.m. [SF Weekly]