We aren't shy telling you that Chris Beerman's Citizen's Band stands as one our favorite restaurants. And with good reason. It is neither affectedly trendy nor too down to earth. It is just right. For example, we spend (many) drunken evenings at the counter, inhaling their hamburger (with caramelized onion and farm egg) David Hasselhoff-style. We also spent a respendid New Year's Eve at the SoMa eatery decked out in evening wear with a gaggle of friends. Point: it fulfills many desires. So, we were elated to hear that Citizen's Band will cross streams with Bloodhond (just across the street) on Sunday for a pig roast and butchery extravaganza at Pig Roast + Porkapalooza.

Behold what you will find on the Southern-style BBQ plate (boasting pork carved fresh from the roast):

- Chili braised pork sliders, pickled jalepeño slaw, and chili mayo on mini brioche buns
- Bacon beignets with maple anglaise
- Sour ale cotechino with sweet garlic mustard and rye toast points
- Ginger and scallion roasted mini pork spare ribs

Ticket price also includes one glass of speciality punch and a drink of choice. Also, Beerman will do a live butchery demonstration on the pool table (why not?), breaking down a whole hog into chops, ribs, belly and loin. Prime pork cuts will be available for purchase after the, um, performance.

What: Chris Beerman's Pig Roast Porkapalooza at Bloodhound (21+)
Price: $60 (for one)
Date: Sunday, September 16
Time: 1pm to 4pm