Thursday night, Uniqlo's Union Square pop-up store will host a discussion panel featuring white-hot local food experts like Mission Chinese Food's Danny Bowien, Commonwealth's Jason Fox, Brandon Jew of Bar Agricole and Chad Robertson of Tartine. The discussion will focus on the very broad, and wonderfully self-congratulatory topic of what makes San Francisco a unique culinary destination.

The panel promises to cover everything from the city's thriving street food scene (debatable!), the role of social media, and how the celebrity knifeslingers are "Making Life A Little Better" by cooking food that people want to talk about on the Internet. Danny Bowien will also feed the flock of cult foodies and Japanese clothing aficionados, and there will also be drinks and a DJ because no one likes silence or sobriety at these kinds of things.

It all happens Thursday, September 13th at 117 Post Street from 6 - 9 p.m. The panel starts at 7 p.m. and you can RSVP right over here. (Note: if you RSVP, you'll be on the list, but there is an attendance cap. So, like the line at Tartine, is is suggested you arrive early if you have your heart set on getting in.)