Monday afternoon in the Mission, a man driving a light blue Jaguar became exceptionally irate after he rolled the stop sign at 17th and Harrison Streets and nearly collided with a woman driving a Honda CRV. According to Mission Local, a witness saw the man blow the stop sign, only to nearly collide with the other driver. When the woman in the Honda honked at him, he moved his Jag to block her, got out of his vehicle, snapped off one of the woman's windshield wipers, pulled her out of her car and proceeded to viciously beat her with it.

"She was screaming and bleeding, and plastic from the windshield wiper was flying everywhere,” the witness, who was also driving through the intersection at the time, explained. Bystanders quickly prevented the raging Jaguar driver from fleeing the scene from leaving and took the keys out of his fancy British automobile. Confronted by the group of bystanders, the Jaguar driver still didn't go quietly. He tried to flee on foot after the group of concerned citizens wrestled him to the ground. They were eventually able to corral him in a circle until the cops arrive.

The victim was reportedly bleeding profusely from her face when paramedics showed up to help her from the scene. Somebody else suffered a fat lip in the scuffle with the driver.