A strikingly tall tower proposed for 706 Mission Street (at Third), which is currently undergoing Planning review, doesn't seem to sit well with architecture critic John King. He mostly seems bothered by the shadow and "cliff" created by the building "smack against the edge of a small plaza," namely Jessie Square in front of the Contemporary Jewish Museum. The building is so tall in fact (550 feet) that it's going to have a small shadow impact on faraway Union Square.

King lets it be known today that the Planners would be wise to listen to him and some of the more vocal shadow people and instead recommend that a shorter, 25-story tower go up on this site. The developer obviously wants to maximize his return and pack condos into the upper stories, and he's also taking responsibility for the long-delayed Mexican Museum project and the retrofit of the historic Aronson Building, which has to be incorporated into the tower's base.

Stay tuned. And beware of shadows!


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