A gay couple is suing Continental Airlines (now part of United) over a May 2011 incident in which a certain private item was removed from their luggage and put on display for everyone in baggage claim to see and snicker at. They were on their way back from Costa Rica, you see, switching planes in Houston en route to Virginia, and when they got to the baggage carousel in Norfolk, they were shocked and emotionally scarred by what they found.

A baggage handler or screener had removed the couple's dildo from a bag, "covered [it] in a greasy foul-smelling substance and taped [it] prominently to the top of their bag." They believe they were targeted because they were gay, and their names were on their luggage tags, and they were subjected to such embarrassment and trauma as other passengers laughed at the sight, they were reportedly unable to transport themselves home. According to the complaint, "they felt compelled to call two friends to come to the airport to assist them ... out of the airport and to their home."

They're seeking punitive damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, and invasion of privacy.

Anyway, this is certainly this is a far better story than the Ex's current five-part series on bag screening and the privatization of airport security.

[Courthouse News via SF Weekly]