In Olivehurst, California, a Yuba County suburb North of Sacramento, one local taco truck was apparently supplementing its income with some narcotic secret menu items. According to the local paper of record, the Marysville Appeal-Democrat, the taco truck in question was stocked with over $10,000 in meth, weed and drug money. "They were dealing both tacos and drugs," said Martin Horan, commander of the local NET-5 narcotics task force.

During the sting operation hilariously dubbed "Operation Dirty Taco," agents with NET-5 stalked the rolling taco kitchen for three months like some kind of hungry foodie/meth addict after learning that crystal and weed were among the items for sale. On Wednesday, agents served warrants at four addresses connected to the taco truck, only to discover a larger network of drug trafficking going on behind the scenes.

At a home on the 4300 block of Evelyn Drive in Olivehurst — a street not unlike your typical suburban cul-de-sac — agents found four ounces of methamphetamine buried in a hole beneath a chicken coop. The 160 marijuana plants seized by the task force were also found growing out back of the chicken coop. In addition to the drugs, cops seized around $8,500 in cash — not your biggest meth operation, if Breaking Bad has taught us anything, but nothing to sneeze at in suburban Sactown.

Brothers Juan and Ernesto Paez-Olague, ages 22 and 25 respectively, were booked into the Yuba County Jail on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance for sale, possession of marijuana for sale, conspiracy and sale of drugs near a school. They are currently in custody with bail set at 50 grand apiece. 40-year-old Saturnino Rodriguez was also busted in the case, but will dodge jail time for medical reasons.

Agents told the local CBS affiliate that the tacos were not very good. Although the truck's homebase at the Taqueria El Jaliscience, where the truck is currently parked and the rest of the family may not have known what the two brothers were up to, got high marks on Yelp.

The local CBS affiliate in Sacramento has the video report: