Eugene Thomas Anderson, 31, "took a plea deal and admitted to assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury" on Thursday in connection to a viciously vehicular sartorial and crime. On July 23 Anderson was pinched after driving his car on a Tiburon Boulevard sidewalk in an effort to hit a pedestrian wearing a plaid jacket. Though the pedestrian leaped out of the way, when the fuzz stopped Anderson, "he suggested he drove at the man because he found his jacket offensive."

Another victim came forward the following day, telling police that, while the victim was cycling, Anderson also tried to hit him in his car. "The experience was a very scary one given the fact that he tried to either run me down or off the road traveling in both directions on Paradise Drive," Ronald Goldman of Tiburon told the Marin Independent Journal via an exclamation point-laced email. "Talk about peddling your tail off in order to avoid getting run over!!! I am hopeful that Mr. Anderson understands he cannot use a vehicle to express his anger on random individuals by attempting to run them down."

No word yet as to what Goldman was wearing. Anderson, who suffers from mental clarity issues, will be sentenced on September 20.