You guys, people are upset. LA Weekly just unleashed their "20 Worst Hipster Bands" list, which, as it set out to do, has since made readers bristle and sigh, pout and glare.

Since you SFist editor couldn't recognize most, if not all, of these accomplished artists' works had we heard their ditties blaring from your boom box—we only listens to female vocalists and the Sondheim channel—we turn to our more musically-inclined associate editor Andrew Dalton for his thoughts on said list.

Dalton explains: "Basically, it's just another group of rock critics complaining that popular music does not fit their large-scrotum definition of rock music. It's also a successful effort to rile those who just want to have a modicum of sensitivity in their lives. Needless to say, the article has sparked a bit of an outcry from fans. And multiple entries on this list go against their own editors opinions (Tune-Yards winning Pazz & Jop, Ariel Pink at #7). So you know—it's just a large piece of lazy garbage."

The controversial compilation has infuriated scores of readers, like jeffrok who fumes, "Get off your horse, LA Weekly, holier-than-thous. If you don't like something, that's fine. No need to create a multi-page article explaining why. Go make your own music."

The list ranked Bon Iver, tUnE-yArDs, Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, and Grizzly Bear as the top 5 worst hipster bands of all time, respectively. As of 10:30 am Friday, it has garnered a whopping 450 comments and over a thousand 'likes' on Facebook.