Two things happen tonight in Berkeley involving grilled cheese. 1) The Melt in Berkeley will offer free grilled cheese sandwiches for UC Berkeley students only. You hear that, kids? Get your free basic grilled cheese coming your way. Sure, you say you don't care now, but just wait until that first round of finals kicks in. Then you will wish that you had partook—partook!—in any and all of the freebies offered to you. You're a student. You starve. That's how it goes. Go get some free grilled cheese.

2) The CAL Marching Band will play in front of said location, which will close at midnight. Follow the marching band to The Melt at 2400 Telegraph Avenue (at Channing Way).

In related melted dairy news, The Melt will also open a location at Third and Townsend Streets in San Francisco soon near AT&T Park. So, now you know.