Oh dear: here we have video of two grown men, at least one of whom appears to have questionable taste in protective eyewear, engaged in an argument that does not bode well for the next wave of the bike commuter vs. corporate shuttle class wars on the streets of San Francisco. Cyclist/amateur documentarian Sean Rea normally snaps photos of corporate shuttles blocking the Muni stop and bike lane at 8th and Market, along many cyclists' morning commute. Earlier this week, however, one apparently Google-contracted bus driver felt Rea's photos constituted harassment and thus felt the need to confront the biker.

While both parties no doubt feel they are saving the planet by taking dinosaur-fuel guzzling vehicles off the road, only one has the righteous indignation that comes with a set of skinny tires and lycra shorts. The other has a tie, a pair of gas-station Oakleys and a bus with free WiFi access. Without further ado, enjoy the shouting match:

Video via: Sean Rea on YouTube
Thanks John for the tip.