Haters would say that Madonna hasn't been relevant since the era in which she made this video for the hit song from the Desperately Seeking Susan soundtrack. In that 1985 film, Madonna, at the age of 27, played a lovable scamp named Susan who cavorted around a hip, gritty, pre-Giuliani Manhattan in search of funky earrings and cheap sex. A full 27 years later, Madonna now has an affected Continental accent, bizarrely muscular arms, and a new album she was trying really hard to market to the kids — an effort which largely failed. But damn, she's had a long career — her first single came out 30 years ago, you guys — and she's still kickin.

BuzzFeed provides a playlist of 54 of her hits (including a few remixes) in honor of her 54th. We're sure she'll be celebrating in New York or London with a dinner of pea shoots and green-coffee extract pills, wearing a top she borrowed from Lourdes.