In Willie Brown's weekly food blog/local restaurant commercial, the former Mayor offers one piece of advice for anyone thinking about attending the Outside Lands Festival in the future: "eat before you go there, if you envision hunger." And if you're envisioning a skin show, he's got a suggestion for that too.

"The music and the drinks and the atmosphere were all the best," the former Mayor continues, "but the food didn’t come close to a Michael Bauer star." Which: OK, it's food served outdoors from canvas tents — something we don't think Bauer has given any stars recently. On the other hand, we know Willie has a special place in his heart for Michael Mina, so how could he have possibly missed the celebrated chef's headlining act at the Outside Lambs tent? For Willie, this is akin to missing Stevie Wonder's set. Which we're pretty sure he did anyway.

Anyhow, he goes on: Rather than waste any more time in Golden Gate Park, the honorable Mr. Brown scooted off to Bobo's in the Marina where, as he has mentioned before, he likes to sit and watch the folks getting down at the Lombard Motor Inn. "Seek a seat on the second floor in the window so that you can linger and watch the show at the motel across the street," Willie recommends. "It’s better than Sex and the City."

Appropriately enough, Willie ordered a 7-ounce bone-in filet mignon (not a real thing) and a glass of red.