One Kariem McFarlin, a former San Jose State football player, is currently in jail after looting tens of thousands of dollars worth of electronics, jewelry and household items from the home of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs back in July. According to a police report, obtained by the Mercury News, McFarlin broke in to Jobs' home on Waverly Place in Palo Alto by climbing the fence using a scaffold left by crews renovating the home and entering the home with a spare key he found in the open garage workshop.

With construction crews gone for the day, no alarms went off and no one was home to stop McFarlin as he made off with a cache of Apple gadgets, $60,000 dollars worth of Tiffany Jewelry, Cristal champagne, a Soda Stream machine, and even Jobs' kitchen blender. In addition to the high-value items and kitchen appliances, McFarlin made off with an iMac, a Mac Mini, a "demo-sized" Macbook, three iPads (two of which he apparently gave away), three iPods, two iPhones, an Apple TV and a pair of Beats by Dre headphones. He made off with all the loot by packing it in luggage he found inside the home and tossing the suitcases over the fence onto cushions he took from Jobs' patio furniture.

According to prosecutors, McFarlin was apparently unaware whose home he had entered before breaking in, but he must have gotten a pretty good idea when he took Steve's wallet. Inside the black leather billfold was an Apple corporate American Express, a titanium AMEX Black card, one single dollar bill and Steve's driver's license. The thief also grabbed the key to Jobs Mercedes, but left without the vehicle.

McFarlin, who used to play defensive back for the San Jose State Spartans, was eventually brought down by Apple's own security team and a special Silicon Valley high-tech crimes task force. When the suspect tried to log in to all those Apple goodies with his iTunes ID, Apple investigators immediately tracked him down to an apartment in Alameda and let the police swoop in on the place. The former college football player, who was apparently something of a nerd in high school according to his friends, confessed to robbing the late Apple CEO and even wrote a letter of apology to Steve's widow. "What an idiot," McFarlin's former boss at a medical supply firm told the Mercury News.

McFarlin, who is using a public defender and is currently in jail in lieu of $500,000 bail, was arraigned on August 7th and is due back in court August 20th.

Meanwhile, Apple itself was recently accused of leaving an easily stolen key under the mat when one Wired Magazine editor got "hacked hard" after their lax Apple ID security measures allowed unauthorized access to all his Apple devices.

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