With all this talk of kikis and "werking" it and the general upsurge in ball-culture influence in the gay community, is it any wonder that vogueing is back in a big way in England? Behold this teaser for the second annual Vogue Brawl, which is happening during Manchester Pride on August 26 at a club called Legends. The them: Pride is Burning. The video is shot like one of those 70s B-movies about faux gangs, or like one of our personal favorites, Midnight Madness (1980), in which variously costumed ganglets approach from disparate parts of the city and converge for a battle royale of epically gay proportions.

Also, there is some sort of bear queen (Queen Bear?) with a hamburger necklace and Muppet-fur epaulettes, who shouts, "Can you WERK, suckaz!" And their drag houses are called House of Butch, House of Chola, House of America, and House of Fierce.

Let this serve as inspiration for our local hunties when planning next year's Pride festivities.