In an effort to promote noted scribe Michael Chabon's latest work, Telegraph Avenue — a fictional piece about "longtime friends, bandmates, and co-regents of Brokeland Records, a kingdom of used vinyl located in the borderlands of Berkeley and Oakland" — Harper Collins will transform Oakland-based Diesel into a temporary record store. Nifty, yes?

According to HuffPo, "From September 7 to 14, Harper plans to convert Diesel, an Oakland-based store, into a realization of Brokeland Records, complete with vinyls supplied by Berigan Taylor, an independent record dealer." And, as Wall Street Journal notes, "Harper's overall marketing budget for Telegraph Avenue is more than $250,000."

Looking for more Chabon? Well, who isn't. The Pulitzer-winning writer will also appear in conversation with Adam Savage at the Herbst Theater on Tuesday, September 11th (!). Tickets, which will run between $22-$27, can be purchased here.