An admitted prostitute was put up in a San Francisco hotel, at taxpayers' expense to the tune of $2,000, while testifying against one Anthony Dorton, 23. Dorton, a laid off cable installer, was accused of assault, pimping, and pandering, but was acquitted by a jury last week after it came to light that Dorton's accuser, a prostitute, had bragged on Facebook about having an graduate degree in "Advanced Pimpin" herself.

Prosecutors had much evidence to suggest that Dorton had tried to pimp the woman, however the woman had repeatedly used Facebook to talk about how she had been supervising and punishing prostitutes herself, which ultimately led the jury to acquit Dorton on the assault charge. They were deadlocked on the counts of pimping and pandering.

Assistant District Attorney Alex Bastian says he respects the jury's decision.


It Remains Hard Out There for a Pimp