Kiona from San Francisco is a bright little nine-year old who is battling leukemia. She really wants to travel to Hawaii with her family to swim with dolphins. Who wouldn't? But Kiona deserves this trip.... certainly more than you do, if we may be so bold. However, for her wish to be fulfilled, she needs help. This is where you come in: The Make-A-Wish Bay Area chapter is asking for locals to donate airline miles to help children, like Kiona, for their "Take My Seat" airline miles donation campaign.

Miles donated will help provide Bay Area "Wish" children with the opportunity to take a vacation from their severe illnesses and travel to their most-wanted destination. According to Make-A-Wishj, "the average number of miles needed for one domestic round-trip ticket is 50,000, but your readers can donate as few as 1,000 miles online. More than 70 percent of all wishes involve air travel for the child, as well as their family."

Your donated miles will also go to help these Bay Area kids:

- Analiese from Gilroy (age 4) is fighting kidney cancer and wishes to go to Disney World with her family.
- Oliver from Albany (age 4) wishes to go to Sea World with his family for a vacation from his leukemia.
- Nathan from Santa Rosa (age 5) wishes to conduct his own Thomas the Train experience to escape his cancer treatments for a few days.
- James from Salinas (age 11) is fighting brain cancer and wishes to travel to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Please, please, please donate here.