The 2012 wave of knife crime came crashing back last weekend after one Christian Borda of San Francisco decided to go on a stabbing spree at a Daly City bar, allegedly to settle some beef started during a wedding reception in Colma. Adding to our interest in the suburban stabbing: Borda, an alleged pot dealer, was among the 700-some odd cases that were dismissed when it was discovered that SFPD crime lab technician Deborah Madden had been stealing cocaine from the department's evidence lockers.

As for that stabbing: Borda and an 18-year-old accomplice reportedly waltzed in to Gino's Club on Mission Street in Daly City, where Borda stabbed two patrons in the midsection and slashed another on the arm. The three male victims all ended up in S.F. General and are expected to make it. Borda, on the other hand, ended up back in lockup in the San Mateo County Jail. He is being charged with four felony counts including an attempt at premeditated murder, and no chance for bail.

Out of those 700 drug cases abandoned due to Madden's felonious cocaine habit, Borda was actually one of the more high-profile, at least in terms of newspaper appearances. The Chronicle featured a photo of him strutting out of the Hall of Justice in an all-red getup after his case was dismissed.

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