San Jose resident Fiona Walshe, 39, is mad. She went to see comedian Eddie Griffin perform in Pleasanton recently, and he wasn't very nice to her. Walshe says that she and her partner, Leslie Champlin, were sitting in the front of the stage at Tommy T's Comedy Club on July 13 when Griffin stepped out, telling the audience 'he was already drunk and had been drinking for nearly a week." According to Mercury News, Griffin noticed that the CEO wasn't laughing, so said comedian taunted her from stage, saying she was "rigid" and that she looked like a "librarian." After noticing Champlin's hand on her shoulder, that's when Griffin went in for the kill.

"I get that you could get heckled about your hair or what you are wearing," she said. "But when he saw (Champlin's) hand on my shoulder, you could see his facial expression change. It was like that action gave him the green light." He then allegedly shouted something derogatory about her sexuality and that he would "show them a good time." He also allegedly pumped his hips in Walshe's face.

Things escalated when Walshe liquified Griffin by throwing a drink at him. A video posted on YouTube by a patron also in attendance at the same performance "revealed loud heckling inside the club after Walshe, unamused, grabbed her glass and threw her drink in Griffin's face." Behold:

"I was like a deer caught in headlights," Walshe explained to Mercury News, adding, "I felt violated and stunned. I wasn't expecting it to be so harsh and derogatory ... That's when I threw my drink at him, because I didn't think he was going to stop. He was thrusting his genitals at my face, and it felt like it was the only defense I had -- to throw my drink at him to stop." Walshe was then attacked by Griffin, who threw water bottles at her and Champlin. A few salt and pepper shakers were also tossed their way as they were being escorted from the club.

Walshe will sue the comedian and club owners if she doesn't receive and apology.

This brings other similar comedian-v-heckler litigiousness to light. In 2010, noted comedian David Chappelle had made anti-transgender remarks at a patron at the New Parish in Oakland. Most recently, Daniel Tosh joked to his audience about wanting to see a female heckler get gang raped.