A heavy allegation has emerged after Wednesday morning's officer-involved shooting of a man who allegedly stabbed a colleague at the TCHO chocolate factory. An estimated 30 minutes after the incident, a video was uploaded that includes an eyewitness testimony alleging that the SFPD shot the suspect after putting him in handcuffs.

After videographer sf99er (who also features a slew of Occupy-related footage on his YouTube account, so: major grain of salt) asks the gathering crowd what happened at the crime scene, an eyewitness responds, "The police shot somebody. In the chest, twice...They said that the man had a gun or something but he didn't. He was just a civilian." He went on to add, "They had him in cuffs. And they shot him. Twice."

After the brief interview, the videographer goes over to police officers to ask what happened. Officers refused to respond.

A second video was uploaded a short time later. This time another witness is interviewed who says that "a female officer with fucking short blonde hair" fired at the suspect while he was handcuffed.

The unidentified suspect was taken to SF General Hospital where he later died. None of the eyewitness testimony has yet to be/will be confirmed. However, as noted on the official SFPD press release detailing the incident:

An officer confronted the suspect at Washington and Davis Streets. The suspect took his hand out of his pocket, holding the box cutter. When the suspect was ordered to drop the weapon, he lunged at the officer. The officer discharged her firearm several times.

The suspect fell face down on the pavement and the officer handcuffed him. When she turned the suspect over, the officer discovered that he had been struck by gunfire in the torso area. The officer immediately requested EMS to the scene, removed the handcuffs, and began to render aid. Paramedics arrived and transported the suspect to SFGH, where he died from his injuries.